My Home Life is a UK-wide collaborative movement to promote quality of life for those who are living, dying, visiting and working in care homes for older people through relationship-centred, evidence-based practice. The programme is led by Age UK, in partnership with City University, Joseph Rowntree Foundation (JRF) and Dementia UK. Uniquely, it has the support of the Relatives and Residents Association, together with all the national provider organisations that represent care homes across the UK.

Kerry was proud to have completed this leadership/management programme-having found like-minded people that also knew what an excellent standard of care should look like and were motivated and driven to achieve it.

Kerry and a handful of professional colleagues in and around Plymouth now hold a local 'My Home Life' group and are actively involved in promoting 'quality care'.

There are some excellent resources for family, friends and care staff to be found at - please take a look.

The Eight Themes

1. Maintaining identity

2. Creating community

3. Sharing decision making

4. Managing transitions

5. Improving health and healthcare

6. Supporting good end of life care

7. Keeping the workforce fit for purpose

8. Promoting positive culture